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I’m in love with chocolate and especially chocolate desserts. So when I got a chance to make a healthy dessert with the main ingrediant hazelnut (as hazel trees is one of the most common trees in Slovenia) my first thought was Ferrero Rocher. Chocolate and hazelnuts are a perfect combination so I decided to make a healthy chocolate dessert called Chocolate bites, taste is really similar to Ferrero Rocher, except that it’s a healthy version of it. So if you would like to know this healthy dessert recipe in just a few minutes read below and watch the video.



70g of ground hazelnuts

60g instant oats blend into flour (you can use gluten-free oats)

15g of coconut oil  (melted)

70g low fat Greek yoghurt

3 tsp of sweetener of your choice (I use Stevia + Erytrol)

10g of unsweetened cocoa powder

15 whole hazelnuts

Water (adding slowly)



hazelnuts (ground but not finely ground)



Just mix the ingredients, shape a ball in which you put whole hazelnut than coat a ball in a chrushed hazelnuts.

Bon apetit 🙂


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