PREDJAMA CASTLE – The most beautiful wonder in the world


Who doesn’t love history, stories and castles? With over a thousand castles, manors and fortresses Slovenia have to offer you’re bound to find one that will interest you. Did you know there is also a cave castle in Slovenia?



Predjama Castle (Slovene:Predjamski grad) is one of the most famous Slovenia castles. It’s located in the village of Predjama, 9 kilometres from Postojna Cave. Predjama Castle is a Renaissance castle that was built within a cave and is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. Did you know that Predjama Castle is also in Guinness book of records as the biggest castle built in a cave? Amazing right?


Castle stands on a 123-metre high cliff and was first mentioned in 1274 as a Luegg castle. The castle became known as the seat of the knight Erazem Lueger (or Luegger), lord of the castle in the 15th century.


According to the legend of Predjama Castle Erazem came into conflict with the Habsburgs when he killed the commander of the Imperial army, Marshall Pappenheim. When Erazem allied with king Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, the Austrian emperor ordered to kill him.


For a year and a day Erazem was able to avoid his attackers with a help of a secret tunnel to get in/out of the castle but in the end, one of his servants betrayed him and Erazem was killed.


In the past, the castle provided the venue for the filming of several science documentaries and feature films. A few years ago, the castle was visited by Discovery Channel team that was in search of any unexplained events and managed to capture a number of visual images and sounds that could not be quite clearly specified. In 1986, Predjama Castle was one of the filming locations of the film Armour of God with Jackie Chan in the starring role.


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Source: Postonjska jama

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