Piran – the most densely populated Slovenian town

The mediaeval town of Piran on the coast is the most densely populated settlement in Slovenia, with more than 5,600 residents per square kilometre, show data from the Statistics Office.


If all of Slovenia were to be as densely populated as Piran, it would need a population of nearly 114 million, the statisticians have calculated.


In fact, Slovenia’s population as on 1 January this year numbered 2,064,188. They lived in 5,977 settlements, with a further 59 settlements lying empty.


As many as 19 unpopulated settlements were located in the municipality of Kočevje in the south, including one of two that lost their sole remaining resident in 2015.


The Kočevje municipality also had the most sparsely populated settlement; Trnovec had fewer than 0.1 resident living per square kilometre or one per 11 square kilometres.


Five settlements of at least 30 residents had no children or youths aged below 15 and three had no residents aged 65 or older.

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