New gallery Dobra Vaga near Ljubljana’s central market

Ljubljana, 30 May – A new gallery promoting young artists and art at affordable prices has recently opened near Ljubljana’s market place . Selling art per kilo, it builds on the legacy of the nearby fish market.


Located in Ljubljana’s old town under the Plečnik arcades, a covered passage designed by Slovenia’s foremost architect Jože Plečnik, the gallery offers visitors a place to rest and enjoy art while admiring the Ljubljanica river.


The centrepiece of the gallery, which opened last Wednesday, is an antique scale with metal weights and prices on all art pieces are expressed per kilo.


Riding the theme, the name of the gallery, DobraVaga, refers to an expression used at the market for adding a little extra to what is being bought at no extra charge.


The prices of prints, drawings, canvases and zines at the gallery range from 10 to 600 euros. Among the mostly unknown young artists, works by established up-and-comers such as Zoran Pungerčar, Mina Fina, Natan Esku and tandem Beli sladoledcan be found.


Another unique feature of the gallery is that it offers visitors the opportunity to witness the creation of art. As part of its open art studio, young artists will be given a chance to create art at the gallery itself for a period of three months free of charge.


If selected, their works will then be displayed and potentially sold at the gallery.


DobraVaga is the latest project by the Kino Šiška urban culture centre, which is backed by LPT, the public company managing the city’s public parking garages and open-air markets.


Source: STA

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