Lake Bled

Among the first few google hits about Slovenia’s tourist attractions is Lake Bled, which definitely deserves such a position, since honestly even Slovenians can’t get enough of it. Either it`s walking around the lake, or swimming in it, we just keep coming back to it.


If you decide to visit Lake Bled, while staying with us, the first thing we recommend you do is to eat a generous breakfast at House Vida. You will need all the energy you can get during the day as we have plenty of beautiful recommendations that should keep you engaged throughout the whole day.





Let’s assume that you have already enjoyed your breakfast and it’s time to go. You have multiple ways on how you can get to lake Bled. The first one is going by your car and this one is also the most convenient. The highway exit is only 2,9 km away from our house and from there on you continue to travel the highway for about 40 minutes and you arrive at your destination. The highway exit is also very close to the lake, so it really is the easiest way to get there.


If you aren’t travelling by car, then my suggestion is that you take the bus from Ljubljana’s main bus station in the city centre. This way it will take you a little more time to get there, but it shouldn’t be a problem since Ljubljana and Bled are very well connected ( busses leave Ljubljana every hour).


If you are staying with us the main bus station is about 6km away from Slovenian House Vida, but you can get there with our city bus in about 15 minutes. The bus station where you enter the city bus is just 100m away from our house Vida, so this option is also quite easy and comfortable.


Before you leave  House Vida don’t forget to check the bus schedule for a Ljubljana-Bled route. Check the arrival/ departure here.




So now we have arrived in Bled. Charming scenery right?


The first thing I recommend you do is to take an easy walk around the beautiful glacial lake. The lake is about 2.5 km long and 0.5-1 km wide. It will take you about 1 hour and a half to get around it and  this is the best way to really get a sense of Bled’s beauty, so take a walk and enjoy the view, fresh air and maybe even get to know some locals.


If you don’t feel like walking, Bled also offers an amazing solution to that. You cantake the traditional coachman fijaker, which is essentially an open carriage with horses that can take you around the lake, to Bled Castle or even further around to admire the surrounding countryside. I admit it is also a very romantic way of getting around, so both walking and the coachman fijaker have their benefits.


Whilst enjoying your walk you might notice some curious looking boats gliding across the shimmering lake. They are called Pletna boats and they are a way of getting to the island in the middle of the lake ( note; there is an entrance fee). Pletna boats are one of the finest things in Bled and the best way to get to the intriguing island.  You get to experience something incredibly authentic as the traditional boats are made by the locals and their origins go back to 1590.  


If Bled Island convinces you and you find yourself boarding a Pletna boat, you should know that the beautiful church you will see on the island is the church of Mary`sassumption, which had developed its baroque features in the middle of 17th century.  Many Slovenians still get married in the church and they also have an interesting wedding tradition, as the groom has to carry his bride trough 33 steps that it takes to get up to the church itself. On the island there is also a magical wishing bell, there is a belief that if you ring it, and make a wish, it just might come true. You can read more about the wishing bell HERE.


When you return to the mainland you`ll probably be a little tired from all those steps, right? Well, I have a recommendation that can help with that. At this point you simply have to try the symbolic dessert “Kremšnita”In Kavarna Park, they have the original recipe so they are without question your best choice. KAVARNA BLED  LOCATION


After you have indulged in your sweet tooth it`s time to visit the remarkable Bled Castle.  Taking a walk there will take you about 15 minutes, or you can take the coachman fijaker. The castle itself is perched on top of a cliff above the lake, so the first thing that  greets you is a marvellous view. You will see that the lake from the castles perspective looks simply amazing.


In the upper courtyard of the castle, there is the castles iron forge that gives you a glimpse of Bled`s culture and heritage. In the forge with some help of a 4th generation blacksmith, you can make yourself a souvenir from iron. You can either choose to make a coin or an anvil. Pretty cool right? You can read more about Bled Castle here.


As you see Bled really has so much to offer, but there is still one more thing you have to make time for. Hidden very nearby there is something outstanding. Bled Vintgar is the first touristically arranged vintgar in Slovenia. There, you can walk a 1,6 km long trail full of breathtaking views. The trail includes wooden bridges and galleries overlooking river Radovna`s rapids and ends with a stunning waterfall. If you can help it don’t miss this one! It’s just 4km away from the lake itself and trust me, it is really worth your time!





If you can, try to plan ahead for this trip, as the sunny weather makes the scenery even more enjoyable. And if you are visiting in summertime don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, since all the locals love to swim in the lake. Feel free to dive in and join them!


And lastly, don’t forget to share the memories you make with us! You can post pictures to our facebook page Slovenian House, or hashtag us on your IG under #Slovenianhouse, we would love to see what you experienced while discovering Slovenia!

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