Hiking in Slovenia

Is there anybody between you guys that is really into sports and want to be active during holidays too? Slovenia is a perfect place to choose if you are an active person and like to hike and enjoy the nature even when on holidays. In Slovenia, there are some of the best hiking trails in Europe. What I love the most is that you can be almost alone with nature everywhere you go but at the same time you don’t need to be afraid of being alone.


It will usually take you about one hour most by car to get to the mountains or hills you’d like to visit, like the Julian Alps for instance. There are really so many hiking places in Slovenia, but I will choose some of my favourite ones.


But before that some basic instruction for all hikers. Don’t forget to wear sports clothes. Wear more clothes so you won’t get cold (it’s easier to take off some clothes if it’s hot than vice-versa right?). Make sure to put on some appropriate shoes (most of the paths are through a forest so a lot of uneven ground).





So as the first I’ve picked the place that is beautiful in all seasons. In winter, there is usually snow and the feeling of walking on the snow that nobody else walked before (yeah, not many people are going there in the winter so it can happen) is amazing. On the other side, there are spring and summer when the grass and tress are green, there are so many colours around and everything is just so beautiful. And of course, autumn has it’s own charm with amazing leaf colours too.


So, do you need to think any further?



Krnica is situated close to Kranjska Gora so if you park there (parking spot for Krnica that is about 10 minutes of walking away is usually very busy) that’s a perfect starting point. You start walking toward lake Jasna (lake Jasna is a beautiful lake and my advice is to go around it and just enjoy some time there on the way back). Few 100 metres ahead, just before the road begins to climb (before the small bridge), turn left onto the macadam path. After that, you just follow round blue or red marks on the trees or rocks. You will be walking about an hour and a half (one way). First, you’ll walk by green pastures than through forest to the top (map to Krnica).  You can now congratulate yourself because you’ve arrived at the Krnica. Take a deep breath of this amazing fresh air, relax, have some snack and just enjoy.  When you are ready to go back, just go the same way you came.


On the way back make sure to stop at Lake Jasna and enjoy in its beauty. If it’s summer then you can even take a swim in the lake (make sure to take your bikinis with you).  The whole trip (if your starting point is House Vida) will take you about 8-10 hours. Drive to Kranjska Gora will take you about 1 hour, the walk about 4 (with the resting time) and time around Jasna (well that’s up to you) an hour more.  So if you decide to go take some photos and tag #housevida to share your day trip with us.





If you’re visiting Slovenia with your kids than you should definitely pick Velika Planina as one of your hiking places. Why is it so special? Because you can go up there with the cable car (map to get there)  and when you’re up, you can just walk around mountain plateau. There aren’t many rises, it’s mostly flat surface covered with grass (yeah, it’s so soft and fluffy while walking). To be honest, Velika Planina is so big that you can spend a whole day just walking around and enjoying the nature and the amazing views. My advice is to go during the week as it won’t be that crowded.  So, for those who really like to hike, you can start walking at the bottom. It will take you about 2 hours to get up.



So, how do you get to Velika Planina. Planina lies in the heart of Kamnik Alps. The best option to go there is of course by car. Slovenia is really small so renting a car for a few days is really the best idea. So, by car, you’ll need about 30 minutes to get there.


One last advice. On the top, you’ll see herdsmen’s settlement which is one of the few settlements of this size in Europe. The settlement is known by it’s typical architecture that symbolises Velika Planina. The roofs are covered with pine shingles that extend really low.



So, from June to September shepherds return to their houses so you can taste some of their well-known dairy products or typical lunch; sour milk and hard-boiled corn mush.





Now we’re moving towards the seaside. Around 30-40 minutes drive away (by car) from Ljubljana, just before your eyes get the reflection of the sea for the first time there is a mountain named Socerb. When you come on top of it suddenly the view opens to the seaside. The view is amazing and definitely worth seeing.



Now you have two options. You can park your car at the bottom (in village Socerb) and start walking to the top or you can park on the top and than start your walk along the cliff. My advice is to go to the top with a car. That way you avoid walking on the road and walking along the cliff is just amazing. You can choose your way through the forest or in the open. Don’t worry about getting lost, you won’t. I suggest you walk an hour or two in one way and then turn back.  A hint: if you go there during asparagus season (in the beginning of April) you can pick a lot of wild ones; they taste amazing.


If you still have some extra time at the end of the day I advise you to drive another 15 minutes further to get to the Slovenian coast. Of course, it’s better to go there for a whole day but if you’re short on time than a dinner by the sea is fine too. I would suggest going to Izola . You can pick any restaurant by the sea, they all have a lot of food selection available.


Bon Appetit and enjoy:)





Tromeja is a point where Slovenian, Italian and Austrian borders meet (1508 m high; location). When you come on the top you will face a beautiful view of the Julian Alps, Gailtaler Alps, Krka Alps, Hohe Tauern and west part of Karavanke.



So, again the best way to go there is by car. Now you already know how to come to Kranjska Gora. From there your drive to Rateče where you park your car. Then you continue your way towards Tromeja. At the beginning, there is an easy walking through the village. Make sure to turn left when you see the first crossroad. You’re going to be walking through the forest from now on. Make sure to follow the signs and you can’t miss your way. At the end, the road will get stepper so make sure to have appropriate shoes on you.  The whole walk will take you about 2 hours.


I have to tell you that you can go to Tromeja even in winter season. Just make sure to be careful because it can be a little slippery because of the snow on the path. But it you’re lucky enough you can even be the first one to walk on fresh snow.





So, the only bad thing is that it takes you quite a lot of time to get there by car (around 2 hours from Ljubljana). But when you get there you have so many things to do. Logarska Vally is definitely placed you need to visit.  The first thing that is perfect for families with small children is Fairytale forest – you’re just walking around and on the way your kids can learn more about Slovenian fairy tales by drawing, playing games and some other activities.



After Fairytale forest you can drive a bit further and park your car on the parking you’ll see from the road. You’ll need about 15 minutes walk to get to this amazing waterfall Rinka. The best season to go there is in spring and summer. Spring because there is a lot of water and summer because you can chill a little bit. For those who are more adventurous you can walk a little more (well.. about 1 hour so it’s not just a little) to cottage Okrešelj on the top.


There are still so many beautiful hiking destinations in Slovenia so for sure I’m going to write another blog post about it in the future.



PS If you visit those places make sure to #housevida in your photos.

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