Fancy Strawberry Pie



Why strawberry pie? Because season of strawberries has started and strawberries from our backyard are always the best.
But enough talking. Lets make those delicious mini pies.




PREPARATION: Mix, kneed into a dough, let it rest for 15 minutes.



  • 400g fresh strawberries
  • 30g cornstarch
  • Juice of half lemon
  • 50g of sweetener (depends on how sweet strawberries are – I used Sukrin)
  • Pinch of 100% vanilla powder
  • ½ tsp cinnamon


PREPARATION: Cut strawberries to pieces and mix with other ingredients.

Make mini pies as in the video, and bake them for 40-45 minutes on 200 Celsius.


If you try to make those delicious pies let us know what you think and tag #slovenianhouse


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