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The New Grey You

A great way to grow out grey. If you’re ready for the change, we are here to help and ease the transition.

New Grey hair styles

When we hit 30, along come those years of hopefully knowing where we are at in life, what we are doing or wanting to do and is in the motion of happening, maybe kids already and settled in knowing who we are and what our purpose is in life. As well as all this wonderful fluffy stuff, we also start noticing a few speckles, sparsely scattered of ‘lord forbid’ GREY!! When did they appear? ‘They weren’t there yesterday’, you tell yourself.

So, begins the road of cover ups. From slight demis and semis (because you only have a few), to highlights to blend them (because now you have a little more than a few), to block permanent blanket colouring them, (because now you can’t avoid, hide, disguise, blend them anymore.

You’re now having to visit the salon every 2 weeks for touch ups, hairlines and full head colouring, and as well as burning a hole in your never-ending salon budget it’s frustrating seeing them reappear in just a few days. You’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to embrace the GREY and grow it out. But how, you ask yourself.

The New Grey YouThe thought is so daunting, having a regrowth for how many years to deal with. We have your solutions right here. As well as helping you achieve a full head of beautiful grey, we’ll tell you how to care for your beautiful grey hair.

How to keep the shine and vibrancy?

How to clean up ‘dirty’ grey and how to keep your grey interesting so you don’t get bored a few months down the grey track.

Growing out a colour is never easy, or pretty. Especially if that colour is of the darker level. But it can be done. Our professional stylists will talk you through the process and how long it will take to achieve your hair goal. There are several ways to ease that process.

The first of them is to strip the existing colour, and re-colour with a lighter level. Making the growing out process less obvious. Colour applied onto colour will NEVER lighten, so remember this when thinking you can do it yourself at home.

Another process for lighter levels (6-9 coloured level) is to highlight, placing foils in and around can make the transition to grey softer. Taking the highlights to a very light blonde and toning into a cool ash/violet will help.

The next is a combination of the two, if darker, taking the coloured level lighter and then to place foils to lighten and blend even more. This should be done over a few appointments so the hairs integrity isn’t comprised.

Again, insuring a bond re-constructor like Olaplex is used in all chemical processes. Check out here how Olaplex works.

Once done, care at home is essential. Not just for the care of your hair, but also for the care of your scalp. Over years it’s not just the hair that changes but the scalp and skin also. The care that the stylist recommends you is important as its to look after you.

Grey/white hair is a different composition than that of your natural pigmented hair. Its coarser, thicker and can be wiry. Pureology Hydrate or Strength Cure insures the hair, grey and natural, moisture and protein to balance the hair back to feeling silky, and subtle.

Redken have a fantastic range called Graydient that will neutralizes unwanted yellow and orange undertones. Tone, nourish, and strengthen gray and silver hair.

Lastly violet shampoo will brighten and tone those greys making them blend and meld with your natural hair as well as appearing to ‘clean up’ the grey. 


Kelly, Creative DirectorKelly has been a hair stylist within the industry for more years than she’d like to acknowledge. Passionate about all aspects of fashion and hair trends. Coming back to Blue horsy from 9yrs in the London fashion scene, where she is the Master Stylist/Colourist, Product Expert, Education Manager and Online Creative Director

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  • Posted by Charmaine on

    I have been trying to grow all colour out to go grey for a while, I seem to have now ended up with beautiful mixed grey at the roots but the rest of my hair which is quite long is a mixture of discoloured bleached and natural brown hair

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