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Money DOES buy happiness...It's Called Balayage.

Money DOES buy happiness...It's Called Balayage.

Balayage has been a hugely fashionable style for a while now. Not only does it look super sexy but it is also very cost effective. Today we are going to show you how you can make your new Balayage style last even longer.

In case you haven’t heard, Balayage is a very popular hair colour technique that you will recognise without may be even knowing its name. The look consists of soft, natural-looking highlights. 

If you are a busy time poor woman focused on your career, a new mum who is strapped for ‘me’ time to maintain a full colour, or a struggling for cash studying student who cannot afford full colour than Balayage is brilliant for you!

Do you know our favourite thing about Balayage? It banishes that ugly regrowth between visits!

hair regrowth nightmare


If you think balayage is only for long luscious hair, think again. Choppy bobs and lobs are perfect length for this on trend technique that will suit any age, or hair colour. Yes, there is more to just blonde balayage, and the following pictures will help you decide which colour you’d like to try.


Balayage is for everyone, young and old, keeping you looking great and up with today’s latest fashion. The balayage, is here to stay, whether for long, medium or short, so are you brave enough to take on the exciting new change?

perfect coloured lob balayage

4 Steps to a Beautiful LOB Balayage look


Always consult with a professional stylist about undertaking the change to balayage. As she/he will be able to advise you on the right colour for you, and time it will take for your appointment.


Caring while colouring. I will always talk to my colour clients about the chemical damage and what it will do to the hair’s integrity. Olaplex is my essential for keeping optimum strength and condition of the hair. A must while colouring. It is added in to the colour being applied, then a step two at the basin and then also a step three for home use.


Even though balayage is kinder on the hair than an all-over bleach. You will still need to care for your new look at home. Pureology Hydrate is my preferred range of shampoo and conditioner to maintain this colour and you will need the Colour Fanatic Spray for heat protection as you will naturally want to style that gorgeous Balayage! If you can as well it is ideal to use a weekly Hydrate Hydra Whip Mask to ensure the integrity of the hair is kept at optimum health. The whole Pureology range are colour safe and will all hair texture types.


Make sure to re-book your next appointment, even though balayage allows you longer in-between salon visits as there is no or little regrowth involved, you will still need to keep those ends trimmed and healthy.


Kelly, Creative DirectorKelly has been a hair stylist within the industry for more years than she’d like to acknowledge. Passionate about all aspects of fashion and hair trends. Coming back to Blue horsy from 9yrs in the London fashion scene, where she is the Master Stylist/Colourist, Product Expert, Education Manager and Online Creative Director

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