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7 Day Hair Plan

7 Day Hair Plan

Our 7 Day Hair Plan will get you through the week!

Every woman would love a hair plan, right? Someone to tell you what to do with styling, caring and general titbits to help you on that day you can’t do anything with it.? Well I’m here to give you some ideas.

The seven-day hair plan is planned around two cleanse days in the week. So, if you’re a cleanse everyday kinda girl, this isn’t for you.

Although you may be surprised at the results if you were to try it!

Girl washing hair


Cleanse, and condition with prescribed products, my personal choice is the Pureology range, zero sulphate, 100% vegan and recyclable packaging.

Towel dry, spritz with leave-in protectant and moisture Pureology Fanatic Spray.If a morning work day, blow-dry fully, leaving the hair natural looking today. Clean dry hair looks and feels great any day, so let’s keep this day to being nice and natural.


Second day after cleanse, still feeling ok but if a little limp, Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo at roots only, maybe curl or tong, or straighten today, making sure to spritz with heat protector – Redken Heat styling Iron Shape which contains hold, or Redken Fabricate, with less hold, first before applying hot tools.


This is the most popular day to re-cleanse But not essentially necessary to.

Try the dry shampoo once again, this time not only using it on your roots but also a fine spray throughout.  This will give lift and bounce as well as eliminating oils and odours. Remembering that along with yesterday’s curls or straightening you still have control within your style.

A fine spritz of shine spray Redken Shine Flash Glistening Mist, will also tame and add shine to dulled hair.


This is your put-up day, or clip day for shorter styles. I know, you’re now gagging for clean hair, but we can get through this day. With your hair, dry shampoo’d and curled or straightened it’s at its prime to be easily popped up with a rustic up-do. Try a messy topknot, side or back bun. 

Textured pony’s are also great and easy to do. Easy textured braids are a fantastic look, and will give you a boho feel.

Or even try a quick and easy pin up with funky slides. Redken Powder Grip is great to get that texture and instant tease without the dramas of teasing, just sprinkle through and rough up. Try one of the easy-to-do looks below.

Up do stylesDAY FIVE

This is your next cleanse day, ideally you are now leading into the weekend so clean hair is great, while day old hair is easier to manage and put up, so brilliant for tomorrows Saturday night hair. This ideally being a Friday, so casual Fridays are always good. Beachy, tousled waves, or textured fullness, light and fresh.


Its Saturday, lie-in easy hair is great for the day. As it was cleansed yesterday making it nice and easy for heading out tonight. If those beachy, tousled waves from yesterday are still lingering dry shampoo throughout just to refresh and lift and get rid of the odour from last night’s takeaway dinner, finish with a light weight hairspray, which will ensure it lasts all night.

If it was an easy up in a bun or pony for the day, let down and straighten, with a slight flick to the ends, giving a hot rock look. Or lightly mist with a texture spray, like Redken Beach Envy, scrunch and go. Redken Heat styling Iron Shape once again is essential. Easy right?!

Messy Hair


Today is ‘don’t give two hoots about hair’ day. Easy hair. I mean, really, who wants to worry about hair on a Sunday right?

Although, Sunday is the perfect day to give your hair some weekly loving!

I love Olaplex for treatments. I have in the past, applied to dry hair and washed out the next morning. In saying this, this is NOT in the instructions, but I personally have done it and found it fine.

Any kind of professional treatment is great to use on day seven, hydrating, like the Pureology Hydra Whip, or Fanatic Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask, for dehydrated/curly/thick/coarse hair. Moisture and Strength combined, like our Pureology Strength Cure Restorative Masque, for chemically treatment/compromised/highly damaged hair.  

And there we have it ladies. You got through the week, and with only two cleanse days!!! Well done. Now that you’ve got this down, the week ahead is oh-so-easy! And the wonderful most satisfying thing is, you’ve well cared for your hair and scalp all the way.

Below this post are all the products I have mentioned and guess what ? 10% for a limited time. So, GO YOU!


Kelly, Creative DirectorKelly has been a hair stylist within the industry for more years than she’d like to acknowledge. Passionate about all aspects of fashion and hair trends. Coming back to Blue horsy from 9yrs in the London fashion scene, where she is the Master Stylist/Colourist, Product Expert, Education Manager and Online Creative Director

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