Festive December in Ljubljana

Happy December! <3



Our favourite month of the year is almost here! We love December here so much we even call it Happy December (Veseli December). Each year thousands of people gather in the city, to see the traditional lights switch on event.  All the lights switch on simultaneously and our Universe themed decorative lights display is one of the best in Europe and even gets bigger each year. The huge Christmass tree is set up on Prešeren Square and Festive stalls are set up throughout the whole city centre. Ljubljana looks beautiful and people are celebrating and drinking mulled wine, we invite you to come celebrate with us and experience Ljubljana in a new light!


In Slovenian House Vida we prepared a special December offer for all reservations in the festive month. We offer you a 10% Discount on all rooms and a glass of Slovenian wine and prosciutto in our cellar for the period of the whole festive December<3



  • 1.12.2017 Ljubljana`s festive lights switch-on event. We will watch the city light up from Prešeren Square at 17:15. Every year thousands of people come to enjoy the festivities and to see all the lights illuminate Ljubljana. 



  • 1.12.2017 - 2.1.2018 The Festive Fair. The banks of Ljubljanica river are completely transformed, little festive houses are lined up side by side inviting you and offering Christmas presents, all sorts of Slovenian handcrafts. Food and drinks are also flowing and everyone is warming up their hands with a cup of traditional mulled wine.

We invite you to come join the festivities and let the merriment begin! To make a reservation contact us through e-mail, also don't forget to follow us on Facebook/Instagram for more about this beautiful country.

Copyright by: Slovenian House

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