Top 5 Slovenian Ski Resorts

TOP 5 Slovenian Ski Resorts


Slovenia is mostly known by its greenest capital city Ljubljana, the most beautiful lake Bled, the amazing Postojna caves with Predjama castle and the most romantic and old seaside city Piran. But did you know that in Slovenia we have 49 Ski resorts?

Since the first snow has already fallen in Slovenia we decided to make a list of our favourite top 5 ski resorts that you have to visit and where can you enjoy your winter holidays. There are in total of 271,6 km of slopes in Slovenia and the ski resorts can reach up to 2292 m.

Most of the ski resorts are family friendly and are suitable for professionals as well as for beginners. Since Slovenia is a small country all the ski resorts are very close to bigger cities, where you can enjoy your evenings and free time. If you are a bit more spontaneous you can also do a one day trip to the capital city Ljubljana or some nearby beautiful places that Slovenian offers.



Our number one ski resorts is in a small family friendly village Kranjska Gora that is located all the way up in the north of Slovenia and is very close to the border with Austria and Italy. Kranjska Gora is not only one of the most beautiful place to visit in Slovenian mountains but is also one of the biggest ski resort. In Kranjska Gora beside having a ski resort you have also a lot of wellness and spas, the beautiful lake Jasna, that is a part of Triglav National park, a nature reserve Zelenci, the biggest ski jump Planica and much more. The ski resort is suitable for families with small children, adults and for younger people.



Vogel is also one of the biggest ski resort in Slovenia. It is named after the mountain Vogel that is 1922m high. It is a located in Triglav national park. Besides the ski resort in Vogel, you can also find a Vogel snow park that is one of the best parks in Slovenia and for children  The snow kindergarten. In Vogel, you can also do a cross-country skiing in Bohinj. If you will have some free time we would recommend to use the Vogel cable-car for amazing view on lake Bohinj.


Is located in the Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. The nearest city is Kranj, that is the third biggest city in Slovenia and is only 25km away from the capital city Ljubljana. In Krvavec you have available ski school, Snowpark Krvavec and Manner Children's park. For those who are adrenaline lovers, you can also do snowbiking.



Canin mountains are located on the border of Slovenia and Italy and their highest summit, Big Mount Kanin is 2,587 m high and is also the highest ski resort in Slovenia. From the top, you have a view of Julijan Alps or the seaside. The same as the other ski resorts Kanin offers ski school, cross-country skiing but the most interesting is the connection with Italian Sella Nevea, that is popular for freeride skiing.



Pohorje is located in the northeastern part of Slovenia and is only 5 km away from Slovenian second biggest city Maribor. It is recommended for lovers of night skiing since it has the longest illuminated ski slopes in Europe. Pohorje is known for the Golden Fox competition,  a classic women's competition for the FIS Ski World Cup. This year you can enjoy the 54th Golden  Fox on 6th and 7th of January of 2018.


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