Everyday Wine Tastings in central Ljubljana

New: Everyday Wine Tastings in Central Ljubljana


Starting this summer, a fabulous new activity for all those who love wine is available in Ljubljana. A 300-year old cellar in the town centre has been repurposed as a degustation room and is now welcoming guests from all over the world for everyday tastings of the best Slovenian wines.







Wine Tasting Ljubljana, a conceptual program introducing Slovenia’s vast offer of first-rate wines, is brought to you by a group of budding young wine experts who have joined forces in putting together a personal, professional, informative and interactive program. Through sharing the stories of local winegrowers, they wish to introduce Slovenia’s outstanding winemaking legacy and pinpoint Slovenian wines on the world map of flavours.


In an undisturbed ambient of an elegant old cellar, Wine Tasting Ljubljana is bringing together both novice and experienced wine tasters. Each tasting is comprised of 7 finest local wines coming from three diverse winegrowing regions of Slovenia. It hosts groups of 5 to 10 people and is perfect for anyone who is interested in getting to know Slovenian wine in a fun and interactive way. The wine is presented by a local wine expert, who guides the guests through all the different samples, sharing with them her knowledge of wine through an engaging and playful approach. The wines are served along luscious snacks to help the guests balance their flavours throughout the 2 -hour program. The tastings are normally conducted in English, however, the guests can also make arrangements for other languages upon prior request. Besides learning interesting facts about Slovenian wine, they also learn the must-know facts about wine in general. As each tasting comes to an end the visitors are symbolically awarded diplomas as certified Ambassadors of Slovenian wine. This finishing touch is a gesture by which each guest is invited to carry the word about Slovenian wines into the world, contributing to their recognition across the globe.






As such, Wine Tasting Ljubljana is set to enhance the tourist offer of Ljubljana as well as Slovenia as a whole. Above all the goal is to spread the love for wine among a younger audience and inspire them by the culture of proper wine drinking. With all that in mind the team has taken special care to put a youthful twist on the program, creating an activity that is fun for all generations alike. The tasting starts each day at 7 pm at Dvorni trg 2 in Ljubljana. Visit Wine Tasting Ljubljana to reserve your spot.

Copyright by: Slovenian House

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